Sunday, November 24, 2013

How to hide system reserved partition from my computer

“System reserved ” partition contains the important files to load windows ,Here is simple tutorial to hide system reserved drive from my computer safely, this tutorial should work for both windows 7 and windows 8.

Step 1

in windows 7 Type “diskmgmt.msc”  in run , for windows 8 users click on the search icon from charms bar then type “diskmgmt.msc”.

or you can open it from C:\Windows\System32\diskmgmt.msc

Step 2

Right click on the system reserved partition and select “Change drive letter and paths” option from the menu.

system reserved windows 8










Step 3

windows  8  system partittion







click on the drive letter (assigned for your system reserved partition) and then click on the remove button,a new window will pop up click yes and again click yes.

Now you successfully removed system reserved partition from my computer.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Simple coat hanger Ground plane antenna for RTLSDR

I tried many antennas to experiment with RTLSDR and finally i am surprised with signal reception of coat hanger Ground Plane antenna especially reception of NOAA apt signals  (Weather Satellite Images).in overall  i think coat hanger GP antenna is the easy to make multiband (air band,marine band ..etc) antenna for RTLSDR.

but ads-b signal reception was very poor ,for ads-b decoding i think Coaxial colinear Antenna is the best (more info here,video tutorial).

rtlsdr coat gp antenna








Antenna setup

i don't no more technical stuff about antennas, My coat hanger GP antenna have 5 radials with 22 inch length each.(you can use different radial length ).The 4 radials are connected to a metal plate (make sure there is conductivity between all 4 radials & metal plate) and the center radial is wrapped with insulation tape and glued in the metal plate hole (make sure center  radial have no contact with metal plate or  with other 4 radials ) after that bend the 4 radials to 45 degree.

coat hanger ground plane antenna







i used 75 ohm coax cable (rg6f) as feed line to dvb dongle and its is less than 5 meters long, center copper wire of coax is connected to the center radial and silver wires to the metal plate.

rtlsdr antenna






My setup for Decoding NOAA Weather Satellite Images .

Software used sdrsharp (RF gain 100% ,40~42khz bandwidth,90% AF gain,Sample Rate: 1,024 MSPS,audio sample rate: 48000)
Virtual Audio Cable(48000 sample rate output) to route the audio to WXtoImg
Read : Decoding NOAA Weather Satellite Images tutorial

Here are few Noaa images decoded with RTLSDR and my coat hanger GP antenna.

noaa satelite image of india










noaa satelite image of india









noaa satelite image of india (2)









for more images check my reddit post here

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

UC Browser 9.3.0 java for wave with fullscreen support [updated]

Latest version of UC browser with full screen support for devices with  320x240 resolution.modded for Samsung wave series phones (bada os) , this version of uc browser also works with other java based mobiles.We have tested this version on Samsung S5250 Wave525 worked fine with full screen support.

UC Browser 9.3.0 Features

  • New improved UI

  • New download manager

  • 2X faster browsing

[gallery columns="2" ids="3211,3212,3213,3214"]

Download UC Browser 9.3.0 java

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Geeky android Boot animations collection

Here are few geeky boot animations for android ,should work in almost all devices i have tested few of them in my android device with 480x800 resolution.

Bios boot animation

android bios boot animation


Android particle boot animation

android geeky bootanimation (1)


android geeky bootanimation (2)


HTC One matrix boot animation

android matrix boot animation


android Sci-fi boot animation

sci-fi bootanimation


How to change android boot animation

Simplest method is using Boot Animations app (root permissions required) or you can use file managers like root browser , then go to  /system/media and replace the with new one.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

build.prop tweaks for GB,ICS,JB [performance tweaks]

Here is a list of build.prop tweaks for Ginger bread,ICS and jellybean ROMS,these tweaks will improve performance,speed and smoothness of your android device.

build.prop tweaks








Performance and speed Tweaks

Apps open faster and more free ram

Google DNS (faster browsing )

Improves camera image and video recording quality

Render UI with GPU (smoothness and speed)

Hardware Video acceleration (smoother video playback)

Overall performance improvement

Faster Internet speed

Faster video streaming (eg: YouTube)

smoother scrolling

Phone and Network Tweaks

Phone sleeps better.

Saves power when phone sleeps

Phone rings faster

Proximity sensor (Disables black screen issue after a call)

3G and Network tweaks

How to edit build.prop file
Note 1 : root permission required for editing build.prop file.
Note 2 : Before adding new tweaks to the build.prop file make sure tweak is not already present ,if a tweak is already there,only change the new values.

Step 1
Download and install Root explorer .

Step 2
Open root explore and go to  /system.

step 3
now copy build.prop file to SD card.

Step 4
now copy the build.prop file from SD card to pc.

Step 5
Use notepad++ to edit  build.prop file in pc .

Step 6
use root explorer app to replace old build.prop file with new one .

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lenovo A800 custom rom [smooth|fast|stable][Minimalmod v1]

Minimalmod v1.0

Minimalmod is a custom rom developed for Lenovo A800 based on Micromax A110 ICS 4.0.4. We wanted to keep the rom look stock (vanilla) as possible , so we give it the name minimalmod (minimal modification).
Minimalmod is tweaked for performance and stability so you can enjoy the lag free multitasking and more free RAM.


  • Wi-Fi

  • mobile network & data (3g/2g)

  • GPS

  • Bluetooth

  • Camera (photos, camcorder & panorama)

  • USB-tethering

  • Bluetooth-tethering

  • Wi-fi-tethering

  • USB tethering

  • Touchscreen

  • Sensors

  • FM radio with rds

Not working:

  • ????


[gallery link="file" ids="3166,3165,3163,3167,3164,3160,3161,3162,3178"]
Change log
v1.0  4-11-2013

  • based on ICS 4.0.4 Version

  • GAPPS pre-installed

  • Zipaligned(less ram consumption)

  • Deodexed

  • dalvik tweaks (more free ram)

  • Google dns (faster browsing)

  • faster streaming (YouTube)

  • network and 3g tweaks (improved data speed)

  • image and video recording quality increased

  • UI GPU rendering enabled (smoother UI/scrolling)

  • Hardware video acceleration enabled

  • deep sleep(phone sleeps better/saves power in sleep mode)

  • bloat apps removed

  • GPS tweaked for faster fix (India)

  • new ringtones/notification sounds (cyanogenmod)

  • JB stock wallpaper (plus few more)

  • Minimalmod logo in boot animation

  • other minor build.prop tweaks

How to Flash Minimalmod rom on Lenovo a800
Note 1: We are not responsible for bricked device or any data loss (backup important data first)
Note 2: make sure device have a least 60% charge.

Step 1
Follow this tutorial to root Lenovo a800 (skip this step if you are already rooted)
Step 2
Follow this tutorial to install ClockWorkMod recovery on Lenovo a800 (skip if already done that)
Step 3
download and copy to SD card (download link below)
Step 4
Reboot into Clockworkmod recovery (check clockworkmod tutorial for more info )
also you can use  Mobileuncle MTK Tools to reboot into recovery

optional :create backup of current rom using cwm recovery.
Note 3: use volume buttons to navigate and power button to select an option in cwm recovery .
Step 5
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
goto advanced –> wipe  dalvik cache
then go back
install zip from sd card->choose zip from sd card-> now select the
Step 6
Wait until flashing completes
Step 7
Reboot after flashing , now you have successfully flashed Minimalmod Rom. (first boot may take 5 minutes or more)

Minimalmod v1.0 (192.27 MB) note: do not mirror ,always link back to this post.
MD5 Sum: 09c3c903279d099c8e14ed11ff597fdf

Resky Bagja Sunjaya for porting micromax a110 rom

  • Tips/suggestions/bugs
    Report your bugs,suggestions and tips in comments section.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Download nexus 5 stock apps and wallpapers [APK]

Here are few stock apps and wallpapers extracted from nexus 5 factory image based android 4.4 kitkat. some system apps needs to be replaced while installing , so take a nandroid backup before proceeding or you can follow this tutorial to backup your system apps to SD card as apk files.

Nexus 5 stock wallpapers

Nexus 5 stock wallpapers











mountain is my favorite wallpaper from all. Download nexus 5 stock wallpapers


Nexus 5 stock apps







when i tested camera app in my device panorama and video recording not worked.

Download camera


Nexus 5 stock calender












Download Calendar


Nexus 5 stock email client





Download Email


Nexus 5 stock gallery











Download Gallery


Nexus 5 stock gmail











Download Gmail


Nexus 5 stock hangout











Download Hangout


Nexus 5 stock keyboard





Download Keyboard

Other apps

Google Play Services


Google Search

Google Home